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Discover How Fearless You Are Through Online Health & Fitness Coaching

Fearless Fitness
by Leshaundria 
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Hi, I’m Leshaundria

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

My passion is Fitness! I want to help my clients reach their goals one pound, one step at a time through habit coaching, healthy lifestyle changes, and exercise.


When you are ready to become FEARLESS, contact me to begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Professional Photography by Emmanuel Elkins, Reminisce Life  (

Introducing Fearless Fitness

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

My program is quick, efficient coaching that customizes workout plans for all fitness levels. This program will help jumpstart your health and wellness journey by shifting your mindset, daily exercise, and incorporating wholesome nutrition into your lifestyle. 

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Class Offerings


Feature Opportunity -  
Cover of Muscle and Fitness HERS Magazine 

Thank you to everyone that voted and supported me during this contest. Your votes helped me to advance to the last round before being eliminated. I am thankful the money raised went to help the Wounded Warrior Project.

Professional Photography by Emmanuel Elkins, Reminisce Life  (
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